• Events

    Large scale events and excursions, such as seminars, inaugurations, movie premieres, galas, fund raising events or group travels, are things that Ecofilm can organise, as long as they are related to our subjects – nature, environment, sustainability or ecotourism.


    Ecofilm believes it’s important to combine business with pleasure. Sometimes when working with serious matters, such as the environment, it’s important to add some joy into the mix, and even a little glamour. To achieve a great outcome and inspire hope in a difficult process, a well performed and entertaining event can be the key.

  • Reach beyond your own sphere

    A common mistake in the art of communication is to target our regular audience and stay within our own, safe sphere. This will often give us the affirmation we seek. But will this really help our cause?

    An exciting or interesting event is an excellent opportunity to widen your audience by inviting people that you would not normally reach. Everybody loves an invitation!

  • Event partner

    Events are usually quite complex to arrange. Therefore, we work together with C.B. Consulting, a company expert at galas, charity events and inaugurations.

Stiftelsen för Östersjölaxen

Baltic Salmon Fund

In September 2015, Ecofilm and C.B. Consulting arranged the charity gala “An evening for the salmon” at the historical restaurant and entertainment venue Berns Salonger in Stockholm.

The purpose was to put focus on Baltic salmon and raise money for the Baltic Salmon Fund. That evening, more than three million Swedish crowns were raised, funds that were used to lease the fishing rights to the river mouths in order to ensure a safe pass for the fish up to their spawning grounds.

This was possible thanks to all the artists, an auction, the Swedish king and all the generous guests attending the gala.

Another gala is planned for 2018.