To bring our Scandinavian underwater realms to you – the lakes, the rivers and the seas. By making the films that have not yet been made, we will introduce you to their masters – the pike, the salmon and the cod – and to all the inhabitants in their intricate web.

Our Core Values


From small to big


How everything comes together


Understanding our world


For a bluer planet


Adventurer, Videographer
Writer & Producer

Martin is the founder and executive producer of Ecofilm. He is a renowned filming director and producer with a strong passion for fishing and has dedicated his life to make films about conscious fishing all over the world, inspiring others to preserve the oceans and marine life.


Journalist & Film Producer

Maria is a professional journalist with a solid background in natural science (MSc in Forestry Management), specializing in sustainable management & development.

Born in Karlstad in 1967, she started her career in Gothenburg as a journalist writing for travel magazines in the 90’s and traveling the world as a tour guide.

In 1999, she became a presenter & researcher for Scandinature Films and fell in love with the making of natural history films.

For the last ten years, she has been writing manuscripts & producing films, organizing events for Ecofilm, and redacting news for the magazines Fiskejournalen & Allt om Flugfiske.

Anneli Romany

Executive Manager, Cultural Scientist & Project Leader

Anneli is an organzier and leader with extensive experience from the film and television industry as well as the advertising world and education. She also has extensive business development experience in the food industry.

As head of Ecofilm, she will focus on developing Ecofilm as a production company as well as piloting the Fish in Focus project through all the challenges a film project of this magnitude entails.

Anneli is a devoted nature lover with multifaceted passion for the outdoor life, culture and cooking.