To bring our Scandinavian underwater realms to you – the lakes, the rivers and the seas. By making the films that have not yet been made, we will introduce you to their masters – the pike, the salmon and the cod – and to all the inhabitants in their intricate web.

By bringing stories
to the surface
Fish in Focus will
introduce you to the realms of
The Salmon
The Pike &
The Cod
and the inhabitants in these intricate webs



and bring our Scandinavian underwater realms to you – the rivers, the lakes and the seas. By making the films that have not yet been made, we will introduce you to the masters of these realms. We will give you the drama of the pike, the salmon and the cod as well as the lives of their friends and enemies.

OUR FISH & WATERS ARE STRUGGLING You can help by keeping yourself informed & supporting an organization that takes action.


In summer 2018 our photographers and experts started their work in lakes, rivers, marshlands and along the coasts of Scandinavia – with the goal of capturing the mysterious water life on film. 2021 we will be ready to show the final result to the world. But why are we doing this?

The Fish

Fish are fascinating creatures. But fish are also food, economy and ecology - fish are important! Destroying our aquatic environments, means destroying the world.


Worldwide as well as in Scandinavia, fish stocks are in decline. Over fishing, hydro power, industrial waste, plastic, overfertilization, climate change, poaching, to mention some of the threats. But few people are aware of the situation – because it is happening under the surface.


Fish in Focus wants to visualize life under our Scandinavian waters. Through images we humans can more easily relate to other creatures, and hopefully also understand the importance of them. By presenting solutions to the threats – and some solutions are not even complicated – people can engage in the topic and create an opinion.

Make a Difference

Not until there is an opinion, politicians and decisionmakers take action. Action can be banning fishing on threatened fish stocks, forcing hydro power stations to let migrating fish pass safely or creating protected areas under water.


Fish in Focus consists of a head office, a group of advising experts and many skilled freelance photographers working in different areas. All of us loving fish and water, all of us believing that the world will benefit from taking better care of our waters.
Head Office

Martin coordinates the field work, investigates new locations and develops solutions to capture the fish on film.

Martin Falklind

Executive Producer & Director of Photography

Maria does research, writes manuscripts and organizes the practical planning of the project.

Maria Ålander

Journalist & Producer

Anneli coordinates the project on a long-term basis. She integrates the practical work with economy and both external and internal communication.

Anneli Romany

Managing Director
Film photographers & Experts
Anders & Rita Lamberg-Strand

This couple are Norwegian fish biologists and probably the persons in the world who has met the largest number of salmon face to face under water. As salmon survey specialists, Anders and Rita counts salmon in Norwegian rivers, both by snorkeling and by placing cameras under water.

Serge Dumont

French filmmaker and researcher with groundwater systems as a specialty. Serge dives with rebreather and can stay under water for many hours. Like a pike he sneaks up on his targets and wait patiently for the right moment to shoot. Serge makes his own films for German and French television.

Rolf Nylinder

A creative adventurer and filmmaker who likes to aim his camera towards nature, sportfishing and fish as well as and snowboarding. Rolf is an artist and has experience from sculpting in ice as well as in drawing. His film footage is both subtle and striking at the same time.

Ingemar Näslund

An experienced scientist and fish expert with the management of northern ecosystems as a specialty. He is also a skilled still photographer and writer, but above all – a very wise and knowledgeable person.

Tobias Dahlin

A skilled still photographer that have recently started to capture the underwater world also with his film camera. In everyday life Tobias is a math teacher, but as soon as school is out, he is under the water, all year around. Tobias have published several beautiful books on Swedish underwater worlds.

Candamo Film

Candamo Films is a production company with many years of experience from TV-productions. Their aim is to always tell the strongest stories possible in the genre of nature, documentary, music or engaging social issues. The three co-workers of Candamo Film will bring expertise knowledge to Fish in Focus.

Espen Rekdal

Master film photographer and inventor of special cameras. Espen lives close to the shores of Bergen in Norway and is familiar with most of the cold-water species in Norway. Espen works for BBC’s Blue Planet and have an astonishing ability to make the impossible shots possible.
It is an honor to have him and his pictures in the Fish in focus project.

Magnus Lundgren

Swedish diver, photographer and entrepreneur. Magnus has the world as working field and will supply the project with exciting footage as well as cameras.
Magnus was involved in the big scale Nat Geo-project Wild Wonders of Europe and we know that he can deliver pictures with exceptional quality.

Christina Karliczek-Skoglund

Experienced diver and wild life photographer with a mixed European background. Christina has a broad experience of different camera techniques and is a Phantom flex operator. She has worked for many European TV-channels and is also a creator of stories. She is now in the making of her own shark film but will also spend time under water capturing the biodiversity for Fish in Focus.

Patty & Catherine Sa

These multitalented sisters work as graphic designers as well as web experts. They are of Taiwanese and Canadian origins, but have the whole world as their working ground.
Patty and Catherine specialize in projects and businesses which aims to improve the world in different ways. They are the brains behind both Fish in Focus as well as Ecofilm´s graphical profile.

Ingemar Alenäs

A former community ecologist in Falkenberg. The dam removal of Hertingforsen is his achievement.
Now when retired, he dedicates all his time to fish who suffers from human exploitation. Ingemar has a passion for migrating fish and their struggle to reach their spawning grounds.

Johan Falklind

Johan is a young and ambitious film photographer and editor with documentary and drama as the main goal. Johan will be the mastermind of the behind-the-scenes shots of this project, capturing the capturing of fish.

Atte Henriksson

Atte Henriksson is a young talanted wildlife photographer. He was brought to the industry by his father as a young boy and has been trained in biology as well as the technical aspects of producing wildlife documentaries. He has been working in many countries and in 2018 his latest project premiered in cinemas in Estonia.

Hans Berggren

Hans Berggren is a limologist and has been working in that field for 20 years. After producing several documentaries and filmed material for SVT he is now a dedicated photographer in the micro- and macro filming field.


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