För att få våra skandinaviska undervattensområden till dig – sjöar, floder och hav. Genom att göra de filmer som ännu inte har gjorts introducerar vi dig till sina mästare – gädda, lax och torsk – och till alla invånare i deras invecklade web.

Sports Fishing Finding the Balance

More than

1 million

Swedes fish every year

Catching a fish now and then and being able to eat it should be a privilege for everyone.

Ethics & responsibility

There is something about fishing, hunting and other types of food gathering that has a soothing effect on people´s minds.

But how do you combine these positive effects with ethics, responsibility & sustainability?

Even if this is a complex matter, many viable solutions exist. We have seen many good examples of this from all around the globe.

Biology & Fish Management

Equipped with both knowledge & experience of Swedish waters, fish species & management.

Bringing People Closer to Nature

In our point of view, working with fish and sports fishing is an effective way of bringing people closer to nature, and opening their eyes to the complex and fragile ecosystems of freshwater, brackish and saltwater sea life.

Health & Social Benefits

Sports fishing also engages people socially and strengthens our health. Ecofilm, therefore, supports different kinds of voluntary organizations involving youths, sustainable fishing, and environmental causes.